Safety Reminders

For Players' safety and enjoyment all players must be aged 7 years or above to play Lazer Blaze and must wear Joggers or Sneakers, no other footwear is acceptable.


Fundraising with Lazer Blaze


Are you looking for a fun, easy, healthy fundraiser for your Club or School?  Well look no further!  Don't sell chocolates or lamingtons and don't spend the whole day slaving over a BBQ at your local hardware store.

Lazer Blaze is now offering a great deal for Clubs & Schools to raise money on a Sunday evening between 6pm and 9pm. We'll provide the fun, you invite the people.

You pay us in two easy payments, $350 when you make the booking and $300 on the night of your event. If sales aren't going well, you can cancel your booking with more than 3 weeks notice and we'll refund your deposit. We suggest making your booking 5-6 weeks in advance.

All participants must be aged 7 or over. They must also wear joggers/sneakers, no other footwear is acceptable so stress this to everybody you sell tickets to.

We will have Lazer Blaze Crew on site to assist with your night.


This event is run very similarly to our popular Friday & Saturday Night Super Sessions. A variety of different game formats are played throughout the night. Each game lasts for about 10minutes playing time with up to 40 people in each game. (A list of game formats can be found in the PLAYERS CORNER section of our website, not all the game formats are currently available.)

Up to 80 spots can be sold at this session. This is a very social and fun event because everybody who purchased tickets is here for the entire night. We highly recommend this option for Fundraising Events.  We suggest selling tickets between $22-$30/person

Sell all 80 tickets at $30/person and raise $1750 for your club
Sell all 80 tickets at $26/person and raise $1430 for your club
Sell all 80 tickets at $22/person and raise $1110 for your club

Lazer Blaze suggests collecting payments and selling tickets prior to the night to ensure you reach maximum numbers. (At $26/person you only need to sell 25 tickets to make back the $650 you paid to Lazer Blaze.)

We also suggest printing up your own tickets numbered 1 to 80 to give to people as they pay you, please include:

  • The date of the event
  • Arrival time of 5:45pm
  • Finish time of 9:00pm (Please ask that people vacate by 9:10pm)
  • Players must be aged 7 or above and must wear joggers/sneakers

Other Things To Note:

Lazer Blaze does have drinks and snacks available for purchase, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks and food to sell to make some extra dollars if you would like to. Unfortunately Lazer Blaze can not offer any storage, cooling or heating facilities. (Strictly no alcohol.)

To help keep the price of this deal as cheap as possible and to continue to allow you to bring food and drinks to sell,  we ask that your group help clean-up by picking up any rubbish off the floor/tables and placing it in the bins provided. Our Crew will wipe down tables and sweep up after you leave. We also ask that everybody be out of the premises no later than 9:10pm to enable our Crew to close up as quickly as possible. We appreciate your help so that we can keep this deal at this price for as long as possible.